Top Five Hook-up Holidays

3. Sex Vacation, Dominican Republic

Here’s one way to ensure you hook up: take an ‘erotic sex vacation with the company of stunning ladies’. This package includes a private hotel stay and a ‘sexy escort’ 24 hours a day, though the resort is at pains to insist it is not a brothel.

So what can you expect at this not-a-brothel? Well, it’s recommended that you bring double the amount of condoms you think you’ll need, and you can choose a different escort each day of your stay. It’s not a brothel though, OK?; from £1000

4. Friends on Board, Aegean Sea


If you don’t fancy trying to pick a mate from the masses on a city-sized cruise liner, try a seven-night sailing trip around the Aegean Islands on a smaller, more intimate boat for adults only.

While not specifically designed for singles, Friends on Board bills itself as a “young, dynamic company” and runs a roommate programme allowing travellers to meet online and select a cabin mate ahead of the trip.

Stopping off at the likes of Mykonos and Santorini, it’ll be a party.


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